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Perrella Legal is an established Specialist Criminal Law firm situated on Hay Street, Perth just 50 metres from the Central Law Courts. The objective of our firm is to provide the highest level of expert criminal law advice and representation for our clients. This means consistently achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients regardless of what they are charged with.

We represent adults and children throughout WA - from Kununurra to Albany, from the Children’s Court to the Supreme Court on a daily basis.

Our unique point of difference is that our firm is directed by Mr Perrella who has the knowledge and experience of a criminal defence barrister but with many years experience as a senior prosecutor. All of our lawyers practice as dual barristers and solicitors, which means you only need to deal with the one law firm from the outset and you will have direct access to the barrister who will be your advocate in court. This greatly reduces the costs that are associated with engaging a criminal law solicitor who then engages a criminal defence barrister to be your counsel at trial or sentencing.

The team at Perrella Legal are all skilled and reputable legal practitioners who provide each client with the highest quality service at affordable rates. We back this up with a free no obligation initial consultation for anyone charged with a criminal offence.

We only advise a client to take a matter to trial where there is a genuinely reasonable prospect of success. This spares our clients from wasted hopes, unrealistic expectations and financial expense. Our approach invariably results in far better outcomes, often avoiding jail sentences or receiving jail terms significantly shorter than they would have if they followed the advice of a lawyer who did not have the client’s best interests as their first priority.


michael-perrella.jpgMichael Perrella BA, LL.B

Admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor in 1999 Mr Perrella is an expert in criminal law.

After 10 years working as a State and Federal Prosecutor Mr Perrella developed first-hand knowledge and experience about how a prosecution case is built: from the investigation stage of gathering evidence; to the committal hearing stage when the prosecuting agency assesses the evidence in accordance with Prosecution Policy to determine what charges to prefer; through to the prosecution stage where prosecutors make tactical decisions about how they will present the case at trial.

Experience as a prosecutor has exposed Mr Perrella to sensitive police investigative techniques, which due to confidential non-disclosure applications are unknown to most defence lawyers who have never worked as a prosecutor or in a law enforcement agency.

Drawing on his extensive knowledge and experience as a prosecutor Mr Perrella made the move to the other side of bar table and furthered his career as a specialist criminal defence lawyer by establishing Perrella Legal in 2011. Since then Mr Perrella has established an excellent reputation as a criminal defence lawyer and has consistently achieved outstanding results for his clients. 

Mr Perrella regularly defends clients in all courts throughout Western Australia, but predominantly practices in the District Court.

Mr Perrella is on the panel of lawyers briefed by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to prosecute serious indictable cases throughout Western Australia.

Mr Perrella is a member of the Criminal Lawyers Association of WA and the Law Society of Western Australia.


adam-hammond.jpgAdam Hammond BA, LL.B

Adam joined our team in January 2017. Since being admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor in 2012, Adam has attained over 5 years’ experience specialising in criminal law.

Adam began his legal career in 2011 at the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (WA) where he completed his articles and restricted practice under the guidance of highly experienced State prosecutors. In 2013 Adam began criminal defence work with the Youth Legal Service working with many clients who were impecunious or from otherwise disadvantaged backgrounds. At the YLS Adam appeared as counsel in the Children's Court and Magistrates Courts for trials, sentencings and various interlocutory applications such as setting aside convictions and applications for bail. Adam also appeared as counsel in the Perth District Court for sentencing hearings.

In 2015 Adam accepted a position at the Mental Health Law Centre to further his experience in criminal and administrative law. In this role Adam’s practice expanded to representing clients before the Mental Health Tribunal, the State Administrative Tribunal and the Mentally Impaired Accused Review Board, while also taking responsibility for supervising and mentoring the Centre’s junior solicitors.  

Since joining our team Adam regularly provides legal advice and representation to clients facing trial or sentencing in the Magistrates Court and Children's Court. Adam also appears in the District Court for sentencing and as junior counsel at trial.

Adam is a member of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association of WA and the Law Society of Western Australia.


ashleigh-antoine.jpgAshleigh Antoine LL.B

Ashleigh joined our team in January 2016 after completing her Bachelor of Laws and clerkships at the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (WA) and the Criminal Appeals team at Legal Aid WA. Initially joining our team as an Administrative Assistant during her College of Law training with us, Ashleigh demonstrated a true passion for criminal defence work.

Ashleigh was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Western Australia in May 2017 and is now practising as a junior solicitor in our team.

Since her admission, Ashleigh has appeared as counsel in the Magistrates Court for trial, sentencing hearings and routine appearances, including first appearances, mentions, Disclosure/Committal Hearings and Trial Allocation Hearings.  Ashleigh has also appeared in the District Court and Supreme Court of WA.

Ashleigh has assisted our client’s particularly with:

  • traffic matters;
  • drug offences;
  • stealing offences;
  • offences relating to property (i.e. criminal damage)
  • offences against the person (i.e. assault)

Ashleigh also assists clients in negotiations with the Police and Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to have charges downgraded and/or discontinued. Ashleigh also assists Mr Perrella in preparing for more complex trials in the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts.

Ashleigh is a member of The Criminal Lawyers Association of WA, the Women Lawyer’s of Western Australia and the Law Society of Western Australia.

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